Which types of sponsoring are available?

  • Sponsoring of lunch or coffee breaks
  • Sponsoring of the social event
  • Your advantage of sponsoring

You establish contact with exactly those persons who want to get informed about the specific conference subject. Participants benefit directly from your presentation or sponsoring and will therefore dedicate much more attention to you than to an advertisement, for example.

Sponsoring of coffee breaks, lunch or a social event
This type of sponsoring is of an exclusive nature because only one company can act as a sponsor at a time. Participants and lecturers will be informed about the sponsor in their participants' documentation, furthermore, a sign informs about the sponsor during the coffee breaks. For lunch, the sponsor's name will be printed on the menus!

Package A Coffee Breaks
The cost: EURO 800,-

Package B Lunch
The cost: EURO 800,-

Package C Social Event
The cost: Depending on the event

Sponsoring a social event is an interesting opportunity for presenting your company. Even after many years, participants will associate an entertaining event with the company whose sponsoring was necessary to make it happen. You may cooperate in the organisation of the social event, i.e. you decide the scope of this event - from dinner in a restaurant up to an excursion and gala dinners with artistic entertainment everything is possible.